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Smart Vending

Exciting, interactive touchscreens from 8″ to 65″ vending anything from safety goggles to aspirin, travel umbrellas to snacks and beverages. Customers are attracted by video, interactive games and compelling product display. Purchase intent is converted to revenue and payments are easily made using QR codes for mobile payments – and so much more!



Innovative architecture is the foundation of VE Global Vending’s (VEGV) Interactive Vending Platform using the VendOS(TM) operating system. An unlimited number of unique user experiences and functionalities exist on a network of internet connected devices. Our cloud-based Interactive Vending Management System provides telemetry for diagnostic and low-stock alerts.



VE Global Vending’s innovative architecture enables an unlimited number of completely unique user experiences and functionalities on an unlimited number of machines.

Pick and choose the options you need from our extensive list of capabilities and you’re in business!